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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 9, 2016 10:30pm-11:06pm EDT

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including solar, et cetera. but we need much more than wind and solar. and you look at our miners. hillary clinton wants to put all the miners out of business. there is a thing called clean coal. coal will last for a thousand years in this country. now we have natural gas and so many other things because of technology, we have unbelievable -- we have found over the last seven years, we have found tremendous wealth right under our feet, so good, especially when you have $20 trillion in debt. i will bring our energy companies back. they'll be able to compete. they'll make money. they'll pay off our national debt. they'll pay off our tremendous budget deficits which are tremendous. but we are putting our energy companies out of business. we have to bring back our workers. you take a look at what's happening to steel and the cost of steel and china dumping vast amounts of steel all over the
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united states, which essentially is killing our steel workers and our steel companies. we have to guard our energy companies. we have to make it possible. the epa is so restrictive that they are putting our energy companies out of business. all you have to do is go to a great place like west virginia or places like ohio, which is phenomenal, or places like pennsylvania, and you see what they're doing to the people, miners and others in the energy business, it's a disgrace. it's an absolute disgrace. >> secretary clinton, two minutes. >> that was very interesting. first of all, china is illegally dumping steel in the united states and donald trump is buying it to build his buildings, putting steel workers and american steel plants out of business. that's something that i fought against as a senator and that i would have a trade prosecutor to make sure that we don't get
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taken advantage of by china on steel or anything else. you know, because it sounds like you're in the business or you're aware of people in the business, you know that we are now for the first time ever energy independent. we are not dependent upon the middle east. but the middle east still controls a lot of prices. so the price of oil has been way down, and that has had a damaging effect on a lot of the oil companies, right? we are, however, producing a lot of natural gas which serves as a bridge to more renewable fuels. and i think that's an important transition. we've got to remain energy independent. it gives us much more power and freedom than to be worried about what goes on in the middle east. we have enough worries over there without having to worry about that. so i have a comprehensive energy policy. but it really does include fighting climate change, because i think that is a serious problem. and i support moving toward more
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clean renewable energy as quickly as we can, because i think we can be the 21st century clean energy superpower and create millions of new jobs and businesses. but i also want to be sure that we don't leave people behind. that's why i'm the only candidate from the very beginning of this campaign who had a plan to help us revitalize coal country, because those coal miners and their fathers and their grandfathers, they dug that coal out, a lot of them lost their lives, they were injured, but they turned the lights on, they powered our factories. i don't want to walk away from them. we have to do something for them. but the price of coal is down worldwide. we have to look at this comprehensively. that's what i've proposed. i hope you'll but to and look at my entire policy. >> we've sneaked in one more question, and it comes from carl becker. >> good evening.
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my question to both of you is, regardless of current rhetoric, would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another. [ applause ] >> mr. trump, would you like to go first? >> i certainly will, because i think that's a very fair and important question. look, i respect his children. his children are incredibly able and devoted, and i think that says a lot about donald. i don't agree with nearly anything else he says or does, but i do respect that. and i think that is something that as a mother and a grandmother is very important to me. so i believe that this election
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has become in part so -- so conflict-oriented, so intense, because there's a lot at stake. this is not an ordinary time. and this is not an ordinary election. we are going to be choosing a president who will set policy for not just four or eight years, but because of some of the important decisions we have to make here at home and around the world, from the supreme court to energy and so much else, and so there is a lot at stake. it's one of the most consequential elections that we've had. and that's why i've tried to put forth specific policies and plans, try to get it off of the personal and put it on to what it is i want to do as president. that's why i hope people will check on that for themselves, so they can see that yes, i've spent 30 years, actually maybe a little more, working to help kids and families. and i want to take all that experience to the white house
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and do that every single day. >> mr. trump? >> well, i consider her statement about my children to be a very nice compliment. i don't know if it was meant to be a compliment. but it is a great -- i'm very proud of my children. they've done a wonderful job, and they've been wonderful, wonderful kids. so i consider that a compliment. i will say this about hillary. she doesn't quit. she doesn't give up. i respect that. i tell it like it is. she's a fighter. i disagree with much of what she's fighting for. i do disagree with her judgment in many cases. but she does fight hard, and she doesn't quit, and she doesn't give up, and i consider that to be a very good trait. >> thanks to both of you. >> i want to thank both the candidates, i want to thank the university here. this concludes the town hall
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meeting. thank you to the university and everybody who watched. >> please tune in on october 19th for the final presidential debate that will take place at the university of nevada, las vegas. good night, everyone. [ applause ] >> another hour and a half debate has come and gone. tonight we learned secretary clinton said the trump campaign is being deserted as it explodes. donald trump said among other things hillary clinton is the devil, is a liar, has tremendous hate in her heart, and where he president, she would be in jail. unprecedented rancor, as "the wall street journal" put it, the ugliest debate ever, séance splsays politico, and you'll get no
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analysis begins now on fox news channel, on satellite and cable. we'll have much more on your late local news on this fox station. from washington university in st. louis, i'm shepard smith. for the journalists at fox news, good night. >> announcer: this has been a fox news special presentation. >> announcer: this has been a >> a lot of controversy in the political debate and in philadelphia the moment the
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mayor left protesters on their own in city hall. >> breaking news about a popular smart phone. >> breaking news about a popular smart phone. your news in 30 seconds. >> well you knew it would happen. sparks flew on the debate stage in st. louis tonight. >> so please. >> you didn't delete them.
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>> allow her to respond. >> over 33,000. >> we turned over 35,000. >> what about the other 15,000. >> please lou her to respond. she didn't talk while you talked. >> that's true, i did not. >> because had you nothing to say. >> yeah, nothing was off limits tonight as republican and democratic nominees sparred in second presidential debate. second presidential debate comes on controversial marks. >> i'm lucy. >> and i'm iain page. >> and a chance to take questions from citizens. the two didn't shake hands when debate started and it got started with a lot of recently released video. donald trump making lude comments about women and the two battled over clinton's use of private email serve eric, donald trump taxes, healthcare, obamacare and muslims taken was video of trump getting a strong response from both candidates. >> what we all saw and heard
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was donald think about whaem he thinks about women, what he does to women, and he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is. but, i think it's clear to anyone who heard it, that it represents exactly who he is. >> i have great respect for women. nobody has more respect for women taken do. >> so for the record you're saying you never did that. >> i say things that frankly you hear these things. they're said. and i was embarrassed by. it but i have tremendous respect to women. >> you have ever done those things. >> and women have tremendous respect for me. >> no, i have not. >> both will have a chance to respond. there's a third debate october 19 at the university of nevada. >> allis of both candidates have been weighing in on twitter. vice presidential nominee cane said they is not just about his comments on women. he spent the entire came pain putting down americans from all walks of life and trump's campaign manager kelly anne
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conway said about hillary clinton "she's been on defense all night, not a great look for her." >> 90 minutes before taking debate stage tonight donald trump went on defensive he held impromptu conference of four women that accused former bill clinton of sexual assault. they sat alongside the nominee and gave statements about sexual misconduct. he denied those and president obama laid laid in on the leaked tapes from a decade ago. >> one of the most disturbing things about this election is the unbelievable rhetoric coming at the tocht republican ticket. i don't need to repeat. it there's children in the room. >> billy bush interviewing trump in the tape was released friday and has been suspended indefinitely now by nbc. >> tonight, voters headed to mc gillian's old ail house and
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like millions of americans their eyes were glued to the scene. they offered election theme food specials including hillary hoagies and trump tacos. our coverage of the second presidential debate and entire you decide election wraps up "fox29".com. look for lincoln our home page for a full wrap-up and reaction from both sides including voters. on your radar, matthew rolled into our area and rolled right back out. meteorologist kathy orr to tell us what the workweek has in store. >> rain is gone. clouds are gone. cooler air is very quickly behind the clouds. and you can see cool, dry air helping to kick out the storms. drying out the atmosphere. temperatures are falling fast. high temperatures were earlier in the 60s. they'll fall in the 40s and 50s earlier tonight. strong winds moving to the eas east, northeast at about 15 miles an hour. well out to sea.
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so no one has to be concerned about that. and right now it is 44 in the poconos. 57 in philadelphia. 56 wilmington and millville only 56. we're look agent windy conditions overnight. winds out of the north, gusting to 26 in philadelphia, and 25 in reading and millville and those strong winds will continue into tomorrow morning. so you have the sguingty wind and these temperatures mainly in the 40s when you step out the door. the poconos waking up to the 30s. so autumn chill we'll take a look at how long that will last and if there's any more sun in the 7 day when i join you later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy. thanks. hurricane matthew is a memory for some. for many more the cleanup from the devastation left behind is beginning. the storm may have weakened before it hit north carolina but the damage is significant. 15 people were killed by the storm in the u.s. and 7 in north carolina, most of those killed on the roads. more than 00 rescuers, water rescues carried out at fayetteville after 16" of rain were dumped by matthew.
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further south, blue skies gave homeowners a chance to assess the damage. >> this weekend it's something else. waiting for the electric company to come and dot pole and maybe ki find someone to start cutting the tree. >> at least a million homes and commercial properties were damaged in florida, george a. south carolina, and north carolina. and developing tonight allegations of racism are divideing a philadelphia community today. protesters interrupted a flag raising ceremony at city hall. they're demanding justice for lgbt citizens of all races and the city is not doing anything to help the cause. >> tonight we're hearing from the mayor and lgbt philadelphians and live in old city with more on what started all this today, sabina. well, lucy, outrage really caught fire last month when the video surfaced of the owner of popular gay bar repeatedly
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using n word over and over again and activists say that is proof of a culture of racism. >> center city streets bustling sunday night in the gayborhood and largest annual lgbt event wraps up aix cloud happening over festival goers upset over claims of institutional racism made over prominent gay night clubs. she's been affected by new dress codes at bars something believed to be directed at plaque and minority patron. >> this is our safe space. we cannot be safe and be who we are in these places because what? that's totally unfair. >> it's one of the issues angry activists stormed the annual pride flag raising earlier in the day. >> no, no, no. >> mayor kenny face to face with demonstrators saying the city is in denial among white gay who's hold prominent positions for activist taken
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comes after utube video surfaced last month in which eye candy night club in september city uses n word over and over again bee [bleep] [bleep]. >> the barack knowledgeed the statements were made by owner and has pollizeed and many wondering if a community whose members were historically victims of discrimination need to address it from within. >> the stories of discrimination and hatred that we've heard in recent weeks are heartbreaking. >> mayor kenny and city lgbt affairs director left the room soon after being confronted by protesters. and later the mayor released a statement saying there's no denying racism is an issue within the lgbtq community and pledging to take a hearing on the city of human relations to investigate. >> and as part of that meeting surprises have gone out to business owners in the ga gayborhood compelling them to
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bring documents regarding appointment policy orr's other policies with them they might have in place for the commission to review. now, that commission has the power to enforce civil rights in the city and the hearing is public and it's on the 25th, lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much. sabine a. almost back to normal for commuters that use the hoboken station ten days after the deadly crash. they start rolling through the new jersey station. new jersey transit officials say nine of 17 tracks will remain closed until further notice and bear the brunts of the damage when the commuter train hit the station. the commuter crash killed one person and injured more than 100 others. also tonight new jersey transit says you can now pick up property if had you had to leave it behind in the wreck. for more information on how to claim it head to >> it's the best case scenario for residents in north philadelphia where a big water main broke tonight. philadelphia's water department said everyone still has water despite a big mess at broad street and ming avenue. there are traffic concerns as
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ming avenue is shut down from 15 to broad. water department says it will make repairs early next week. >> jury selection will get underway in harrisburg tomorrow for a former penn state assist abt football coach wrisle blo blower lawsuit against the university. mike mc cleary is suing penn state because he suffered because of his rolling in the trial against convicted child sexual abuser jerry sandusky. it was mc cleary testimony that he saw a young boy in the shower with former defensive coordinator that helped put sandusky in prison and when penn state hired a new football coach in 2012 mc cleary lost his job and he claims because he came forward he's been unable to get another coaching job. all right. eagles lose their first game of the season. the birds take on the detroit lions and try to complete a come back and fell short. shawn bell joyngs us on the big game. >> it was tale of two different
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teams in second half they were great. in the first, they were tear im, just, just terrible. created a big hole for themselves having a week off probably actually hurt the team. they came in really rusty right out of the gate. first half lions took all over the eagles second quarter matthews stafford scambleing to find marvin jones in the back of the end zone. that's a touchdown. they had a 21-10 lead going to half time the lions that is and second half finally the eagles got something going. and up on that little rub play 5-a5 for 64 yards and eagles eventually come back and go up. but, all they needed to do was run the ball out there and rib matthews fumbles it. that's the one thing he could not do that resulted in a gam game-winning filed goal. lions win 24-23 and eagles first loss of the season. >> we could have folded tepts and gave up. but, sideline was very
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energetic and guys understood we were beating ourselves at that time and they rallied and got ourselves back into the football game. people could start pointing fingers but they didn't. and they rallied together and had an opportunity. again the eagles first loss of the season and they just started off too slow and made critical mistakes at the end of the game. but, still very upbeat about the situation after the game. 3-1 quarter of the way through the season. coming up aft news on sports sunday we'll have more on the laws 'eagles with gary. >> thank you very much, shawn, you cannot win or lose in philadelphia without hearing from the fans. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! number one baby. >> monte will be happy he made the news again. we headed to chickie's and pete's to hear from those bleeding green. we wanted to know our fans jumping off the went wagon?
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>> it was a good game. but they called everything on us and nothing on them the refs called. >> penalties and that one turnover. fumble killed us. >> carson wentz is great. >> he played very well. very impressive sgle it was awesome. we'll get them next time. >> that's right, i'm still on the went wag joan and so is iain. birds take on washington next week. you watch him right here "fox29". >> after months of hitting picket lines for higher wages taj mahal employees willing out of a job tomorrow. why they're keeping up the fight until the end. >> and condolences flooding in for police in california tonight after a man shot and killed two officers yesterday. when investigators have learned about the accused shooter. >> and police say it's a cellphone acquisitionsry that could cost you your life. how police officers are firing back against certain kind of new cellphone. >> police in st. louis arrested a 102-year-old lawman she
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doesn't face charges why they handcuffed the senior citizen doesn't face charges why they handcuffed the senior citizen and tookler downtown.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> tonight investigators are trying figure out who that shot and killed a ying man outside
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the family home. the cold flooded crime has the communicate any chester on high alert. >> and it left those who knew the young victim heartbroken. let's gets to you jennaphr joyce live at chester police headquarters, jennaphr. >> good evening, iain. police are looking for the gunman at this hour. in the meantime people who knew christian jenk runs speaking out saying he was a good man that did not deserve to lose his life to street violence. >> just sad, man. >> it's sad and quiet evening on the 2100 block of west third street in city of chester hours after a 20-year-old man was shot dead. >> i don't know how it happene happened, what happened, another young guy gone. >> police say the man identified as christian jenkins with shot in the street and ran inside his home for help. word of the man's death has spread overnight. friends and family have been stopping by the block to offer condolences. and neighbors say the victim is a good guy that offered hair
10:58 pm
doubts children who could not afford them. >> i know he never got in trouble and was not a bad kid and was respectful. >> what i heard about think was shocked because we don't do anything to nobody. >> this whom do not want to be identified said she was good friends with jenkins and was surprised to see he was a victim of street violence. >> he was a good person. they are good folks. my mom goes way back with the parents and stuff. it was real like it was just bad. he was a good person though. >> police say at this time they do not have a possible motive. anyone with information is urged to call chester city police. iain. >> jennaphr, thank you. and now to lehigh county where more than a dozen families are homeless tonight. fire officials in breiningsville say the fire ripped through parkland view apartments today they had to fight strong winds which caused tlaimz to shoot into the air. no reports of injuries in the three alarm fire and it's not
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clear why the fire started. delaware county a house had major damage after of a fire tore through it tonight. fresco user lisa nixon shot this video and aston firefighters got the call after 6:30 and took an hour to get it under control. no injuries were reported. >> and 2016 the semingd presidential debate in middle of fallout of october surprise if are you just joining us at the top of the hour a night of fireworks in st. louis for the town hall style debate. donald trump acknowledging he did not pay federal income tax for years and clashing over hillary clinton and use of private email server and record in washington. wherever you fall on issues it was night of punches from both sides. >> because bernie sanders between super delegates and debra wasserman never had a chance and i was so surprised to see him sign on with the devil. >> he never apologized for the racist lie that president obama was not born in the united states of america. he owes the president an apology and he owes our country
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an apology. and he needs to take responsibility. >> what a night. right now the number one tren trending topic on twitter is #debate. >> 101 days after going on strike in taj mahal casino entire staff about to join the unemployment line. steve healy reports with no talks happening taj mahal owner carl icon plans top close that casino before sunrise. >> in the final 20 hours of trump taj mahal, there were more people out here on this picket line, than gambling inside sitting monday the long lines of empty slot machines like the loan blackjack player on end of long line of empty tables sitting under 16 million worth of bright big chandeliers about to go dark after 5:59 a.m. tomorrow. >> he threatened to close the property before and didn't. >> so i'll believe at the when
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i see it. >> you can mriv it's about to shut down. >> not really. not really. i've been here 20 something years and i was hoping. >> police sat by on this dreary day weather wise and history wise another empty casino. fifth to shut down since 20 14 when four shut down that year alone. >> i've been looking for jobs. i cannot -- i have four kids to take care of and wife and family and two guys coming in we have to find something else now. >> taj mahal opened in 1990. it was the place to play for years. the biggest casino size-wise and business-wise until 2006 with borgata and philadelphia and maryland and delaware casinos took away its gamblers. >> it was a little surprising with the other casinos shutting down they could not see there
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was a profitability. all this place needed was shine. they had loyal employees and everyone wanted to come here when it opened and it was eighth wonder of the world and here we are. >> it will be the end of trump name in atlantic city. it was once on four casinos at the same time here. >> this is our sound and we're not going to let billionaire bullies like carl icon push around and leave us behind. we'll stand up and you can see for 101 days we stood up and stood up against a billionaire that thought that we did not have pride and dignity to stand for what we believed in. but yet we're here. even a day away from the closing of this casino, at what time 5:59 a.m. he told us. we're still here until we see chains on the door we will continue to stand for what we believe in. >> there were 3,000 about to be added to the 8,000 casino jobs lost in the past two years. most who once thought the only
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ones who lost big here were the high rollers not the lowest paid staffers. in atlantic city, steevr keely, fox 29 news. >> hits keep coming from samsung following problems with galaxy note 7 and what the company announced about i its explosive time. >> and devastation continues to mount in haiti after hurricane matthew. what people on the ground say matthew. what people on the ground say is needed most
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planned parenthood. i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions?
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at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. more details tonight in deadly shooting of two palm springs police officers in the moments before the bullets hit the officers the father of suspected gunman told a neighbor his son was acting crazy and wanted to kill police. >> he shot three of them. the suspect, john felix allegedly opened fire during a family disturbance call and is facing two counts of murder of a officer in


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